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Wood Acclimation

  • 25 Apr 2024 6:56 PM
    Reply # 13348442 on 13346034

    Hi there! There should be no problem when cutting the length of the boards as this would not impact acclimation of the wood. I normally let the wood rest in my shop for a minimum of 4 weeks before even starting on it to ensure that any tension has gone out. 

    I am building a workbench now and I am in the process of buying wood. Since the bench top needs to be 100% flat, I will let it rest in my shop for a minimum 5 months before milling. I am using hard maple for the top and the frame.

  • 20 Apr 2024 1:58 PM
    Message # 13346034
    James Garrison (Administrator)

    Next workbench building question

    I'm ready to buy Douglas fir for the base, at BMR. They have 2x6x10' kiln-dried, and using https://www.opticutter.com/linear-cut-list-calculator this comes out to 8 boards.

    Given the logistics of a small garage, I want to do all the rough cuts (1" larger than needed) immediately (i.e. stop at the Guild on the way back from BMR) and then let the wood acclimate in my garage for a week or two before milling.

    Is there any reason that doing things in that order is a bad idea?

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