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One obvious way to learn to be a better woodworker is to take classes. We recognize however, that woodworkers come to the Guild with varying skill levels and experience.  In an effort to meet the varying needs of members, we have defined different levels of woodworking skill:  Beginner, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


1.      Beginner:  A beginning woodworker is a member who has very little, or no experience with woodworking concepts and safety protocols. They are not familiar with the characteristics of the materials and lack knowledge to use PPE, hand tools, power tools and machinery.

2.    Basic Level:  Wood workers at this level have some initial experience in the use of some woodworking machines. Basic woodworking concepts, safety protocols, producing shop drawings, choosing the appropriate materials, developing a process may still be new. Mentoring and Instruction are needed for many projects.

3.    Intermediate Level: These members have some woodworking experience on most, but not all machines. They are able to make many of the independent decisions necessary to complete woodworking projects of moderate complexity. Intermediate woodworkers are generally familiar with the woodworking process, basic milling, tool maintenance, joinery techniques, working around others and related safety protocols.