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The value of your Guild experience can depend on your volunteer contribution by helping others and gaining additional woodworking skills yourself.  We are a volunteer run and operated organization and volunteerism is the lifeblood of this organization.  When you choose to become a member, we expect you to give back by volunteering.  That is a critical element of our woodworking community.  

In Education, we offer many ways to volunteer.  This is our organizational DNA.  You will find volunteering to be an activity that will produce multiple rewards for you.  So often, when we join something it is about what we might personally receive.  We hope that through the Guild, you discover there is no better way to receive than by giving.  Here are ways you can volunteer in the Education Program.

Class Assistants (CAs)

This is one of the easiest ways to volunteer.  Class Assistants (CAs) help instructors deliver classes.  This is usually a very simple task that involves helping the instructor during the class to deliver the class.  You do not have to be an experienced woodworker to do this.  The responsibilities are usually very simple and it is a great way, as a member, to access the information in the classes without paying for registration.

Assistant Instructors

We are developing a volunteer position called Assistant Instructors.  These volunteers provide instruction assistance to the Primary Instructor after becoming familiar with the curriculum and determining the specific ways to assist with the Primary Instructor.  For those interested in teaching but not having a background as an instructor, this is a great way to learn and develop the skills to become an instructor in the future.