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Curved inlays question

  • 22 Mar 2023 8:54 AM
    Message # 13140959


    I am hoping to create some 1/8" maple inlays on a cherry desktop.  Most information I was able to find on the internet show a technique of cutting through the piece completely and sandwiching the strip(s) between.  I cannot do this bc I do not have enough large clamps to effectively reassemble.

    To solve this I plan on using a 1/8" router bit running up against a template and have cut strips to the exact thickness to put in the groove.  I will then trim and sand and the surface will show the maple inlay.  I plan on repeating this process to "weave" a pattern.  The edges will show it does not go all the way through and I am okay with that.


    1.  Any foreseeable long-term issues with forcing the wood to bend into this groove?  I have tested that at 1/8" the strip bends into the curves easily enough.

    2.  How perfect does the curve need to be on the template to ensure the inlay has minimal gaps?  I am guessing this is a dumb question but will the router base smooth out minor imperfections in the template or should this be perfect?  I cut the templates with a jigsaw and can sand them more but wondering if I really need to do this or if it's excessive.

    Thanks in advance!

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