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Push Pads as seen in Fine Woodworking

  • 15 Jan 2023 12:51 PM
    Message # 13058272

    (I posted in the other forums as well as some people don't subscribe to all the forums.)

    If you look at Steve Latta's discussion of cutting accurate rabbets in FWW #301, you will see a set of really nice push pads on  the top of page 58 with a "thick rubberized surface that grips well"

    I emailed Steve Latta and got referred to Jerry Forshee who makes these for the Marc Adams Schools of Woodworking. He'll have a batch of these done soon and has said he is happy to receive orders from the Guild. They are $45.00 plus shipping.  His contact information can be found below. Thought some of you may be interested in these.

    FYI - the pad material is the same that is used to make grout floats. The material probably comes from a company named Goldblatt. I didn't see that they sold the pad material separately but I didn't dive too deeply into it.        

    Jerry's contact information is below.


    Mark Sherman


    Jerry C Forshee

    2508 E. Roundhill Ln.

    Bloomington, IN 47401-4364

    (812) 219-1053 cell


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