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Suggestions for fixing water stained mantel finish?

  • 10 Jul 2022 3:58 PM
    Message # 12844047

    A vase with a hairline crack leaked water all over my mantel and discolored it.  Any suggestions on how to even out the color? 

    The wood is fir and is either original 1920's trim, or ~20 years old from a major remodel.  It doesn't look or feel like there is any finish on it, so maybe it was just stained.  Mineral spirits didn't lift any color, a wet rag lifted just a bit.  

    Once that's fixed, I'm debating between polyurethane or lacquer and would welcome thoughts on that, too.  I've used poly a lot, but was reading how lacquer dries much faster and is more easily refreshed because a new coat dissolves into the old. 

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