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Looking for hand tools mentor

  • 07 Apr 2022 11:40 AM
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    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for volunteering! I left you a voicemail so hopefully we can connect. I have two boys In elementary school, so free time is at a premium, but I would love to see what we can make work.

    I appreciate your offer!

    Charles - How does one get involved with the estate sales?

  • 20 Mar 2022 7:25 AM
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    Charles Meyer (Administrator)


    Ken is the best!  He helped me move into hand tools and I never looked back.  I would also recommend that you get involved with the Guild’s estate assistance program as a way to access hand tools and if you volunteer you can learn pricing and value. 


  • 19 Mar 2022 4:35 PM
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    Ken R Hall (Administrator)

    Ryan -

    I could mentor you in the use and care of hand  tools. We can meet at the Guild Shop or my shop.

    Please text me at my phone in the member directory so that I can have a contact on my phone  before you call.

    I look forward to meeting you.

  • 18 Mar 2022 9:27 PM
    Message # 12672399

    Hi friends,

    I am looking for a Guild member who is interested in teaching me how to use hand tools. Specifically the more common bench planes’ use maintenance, applications, etc. 

    I’m hoping we can occasionally meet at the Guild and practice in the bench room. Thank you!

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