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Shrouding Board?

  • 23 Aug 2021 2:40 PM
    Message # 10951379

    I’m going to make one for a relative to have onhand well in advance of it’s need.

    I’m wondering if anybody has built one and is they could give mw some tips?   The internet has some usefull information   I thought I would build it out of doug fir as it’s the PNW’s signature tree.  But if somebody knows of a wood from the PNW that decomposes faster than doug fir I’m open to suggestions.

    There seems to be issues with glues as well so if anybody wants to weigh in on what makes a “green” burial adhesive I would like to hear your thoughts.  PVA breaks down over time into water, CO2 and vinagar so I would prefer to use that.

    I was thinking of making the bed out of 3/4 or 1 inch thick materia and the runners out of 2x2’s.  I would use dowels or biscuts as no metalic parts can be used.

    I will round the edges and corners and sand, but no finish will be applied.

    I will contact the cemetary where the plot for guideance as well.


    Mike Jolley

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