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  • 23 Mar 2024 6:55 AM
    Reply # 13333668 on 13331625

    Jointer alignment is a much bigger topic than can be covered here and portable models like this can be much trickier to adjust then their stationary equivalents.  Step 1 is making sure the tables are parallel to 0.005".  This includes working on the indfeed and outfeed extensions. If these extensions are above the plane that will likely cause snipe.  Also know that these smaller Jointers have limitations to their ability and as people's skills grow they often find themselves upgrading to stationary models.

  • 19 Mar 2024 8:37 AM
    Message # 13331625
    Roger Crooks (Administrator)

    My name is John Bean, and I live in Ridgefield, Washington.  I’m new to woodworking.  I bought a benchtop Wahuda 8” jointer.  I’ve been spending many hours and calls to Wahuda’s tech support trying to get the alignment of the jointer to work.  When running a board through the jointer, it has a snipe at the very end of the board.

    I called the Beaverton Rockler store to see if I could find someone to finish the jointer alignment so I can use the jointer.  They suggested that I contact your organization.

    Can your organization provide the help I need?

    John Bean

    28701 NW Main Ave

    Ridgefield, WA  98642

    Phone: 360-921-8917

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