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Moisture meter recommendations

  • 15 Apr 2023 4:51 PM
    Reply # 13169234 on 13105138

    I got this cheapo on Amazon, reviews around the internet said it's pretty decent as long as you are okay with a 2-3% margin of error. Testing over a few weeks the measurements matched what I'd expect based on the conditions in my shop. Whatever you end up getting make sure to read the manual!

  • 13 Apr 2023 5:46 PM
    Reply # 13167404 on 13105138

    I second the Lignomat recommendation; bought one last year.  Simple to use, very robust, and located right in Portland.

  • 21 Feb 2023 7:35 AM
    Reply # 13105586 on 13105138

    I purchased a Lignomat meter a few years back when they presented at one of the monthly meetings. Very happy with the product and they're local which is a big plus as well.


  • 20 Feb 2023 9:11 PM
    Message # 13105138

    Hi there,

    I bought some lumber at a local yard last week and it felt very wet to me. It’s now sitting in my shop acclimating and it strikes me I should test the moisture content before milling. 

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a specific brand or model of moisture meter?

    Thanks in advance!

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