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Krenov student looking to buy used hand tools

  • 22 May 2024 5:35 PM
    Message # 13360571

    I will be attending the Krenov school nine-month program this fall and need to acquire a list of hand tools (see below). I'd like to purchase high quality "lifelong" tools, but rather than go broke on a Lie Nielsen shopping spree, I'd love to hear from any fellow Guild members who may have extras and are interested in parting with them for a fair price. I also appreciate ideas of places to find high quality used tools (besides the Guild estate sales). Please contact me by email at elanweisz@gmail.com. Thank you!

    • 12" combination square (Starett, or similar quality)
    • 4" double square (Starett, or similar quality)
    • Small dovetail saw (Lie Nielsen)
    • Set of chisels 1/8", 1/4 (or 3/16), 3/8 (or 5/16), 1/2 (Lie Nielsen, Blue Spruce, or similar quality)
    • 6" ruler (Starett, or similar quality)
    • Wheel style marking gauge (Glen-Drake, Veritas)
    • Small bevel gauge
    • 6" mill smooth and 6-8" mill bastard files
    • Oval burnisher
    • Hock irons "Krenov style" 1 1/2" and 1 3/4"
    • Sharpening wet stones: Norton 1000 and 4000
    • Small ~4 oz hammer for plane iron adjustment
    • Small ~10 oz mallet for chopping dovetails 
    • Small manual drill (eggbeater type)

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