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bench available

  • 27 Dec 2023 11:47 AM
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    Hi john, I’m taking over teaching a couple pcc 101 woodworking classes starting January and the shop I’m using doesn’t have much for woodworking benches. Only a few large assembly tables. I was just talking to another instructor about getting a woodworking bench. Something like this sounds perfect and I would love to pick it up for the class it that could work.


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  • 26 Dec 2023 9:18 AM
    Message # 13294384

    Professional, custom made woodworker's bench, 35" high, 84 x 26", the top is 2 1/4" thick solid wood edged 1/8" veneer custom laminated, 9" Record vice, drilled for bench dogs, legs mortised and tenoned into cross rails, long rails draw bolted into the legs, one shelf. Breaks down into six pieces for transport. On the second floor in my house near the Guild. Price negotiable. Comparable to $2,500 European imports. Free to a school program. Call 415-647-9190, johnsheridan1944@gmail.com

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