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Using the Shop

Scheduling Time for the shop

All shop scheduling is best done by starting at the Guild Calendar.  Open Shop times are listed.  Pick the session you want, and if slots are available, register.

Note that available slots per session are determined by Oregon's COVID guidelines.  As these guidelines change, the number of available slots will change.

Purchasing Shop Time, Shop Storage

To buy a Shop User Card requires the following;

  1. Be a current member in good standing
  2. Have a signed Liability Waiver on file
  3. Attend the Intro to the Guild class
  4. Pay immediately online.  Payments by check will take 2-3 weeks to process and is a manual process.
  5. Once paid you will receive your shop card in email.  Take this to your session so the shop attendant can mark off one session.
  6. Complete one of the following:
    • Beginners and/or intermediate woodworkers must take both the Getting Started and the Shop Certification classes;
    • Move experienced woodworkers need only complete the Shop Certification class
  7. See Education Page for Qualification information for more details

The Guild Shop

The shop is about 3000 sq ft and is divided into three sections; Bench room, Machine room, and Library.  The Bench room and Library are free to use.  See below to purchase Machine Room time.

Using the Bench Room

Free use of the bench room and the Guild's hand tools is a great benefit of your membership.  Due to COVID requirements, you must register for an open slot.  See Scheduling Time below.

Using the Machine Room

To use the Guild’s power tools in the Machine room you must purchase shop time (see below) and register for an open slot (see below).

Using the Library

You are welcome to use the library anytime the shop is open.  Please use the checkout procedure for any of the available materials.

Using the Shop Requirements

  1. Be a current Guild member
  2. Have completed the Educational Requirements
  3. Be fully familiar with
  4. Have a Liability Release on file.
  5. Register for an open slot during Open Shop time
  6. Have time on your Shop User Card for the Machine Room

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